/r/ChampionMains Flairs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a service which enables user flairs on participating /r/ChampionMains subreddits which indicates your League of Legends ranked tier, champion mastery level, and champion mastery points.

Who made this?

This site was made by /u/LugnutsK, and is a heavily modified version of this service made by /u/Kivinkujata.

Do we really need this?



The site creates a way to recognize high-achieving members of ChampionMains subreddits, through “Mastery Points Leaderboards” and special flairs, without creating a hastle for moderators.

Will my flair update when I change rank/mastery?

Yes. Every hour, the bot runs a job that looks for flairs that haven’t been updated in six hours, and updates them. If you don’t want to wait, you can log-in and click the update buttons next to each summoner and subreddit.

What is a /r/ChampionMains subreddit?

Each ChampionMains Subreddit is dedicated to a single League of Legends champion. For example, people use /r/ZyraMains to discuss and share Zyra-related content.

What is a Mastery Points Leaderboard?

The Mastery Points Leaderboard was an idea brought to me by /u/Deejayce who was Moderator of /r/VarusMains. He wanted a leaderboard where Varus players could display their mastery and sort of compete with each other to have the most or a significant number of mastery points on their champion.


How was this made?

I was playing around with a way to give users multiple flair parts, such as one normal part with a banner image, and another part with League rank, and another with champion mastery. However, it was too much of a hastle for moderators (and also users) to manually set up every flair through PMs. After seing the /r/SummonerSchool bot in action, and that the source was available online, I decided to try to adapt the bot for our purposes. This is the result.

The source is available at GitHub


Which subreddits can I use this on?

The list of available subreddits is visible on the page after you log in.

If you’re a moderator of a ChampionMain subreddit (or another League of Legends subreddit) and wish for this to be added to your subreddit, send /u/LugnutsK a message to let him know!

I don’t want this. I’m happy with the flairs as they are.

That’s fine. Unlike with the /r/SummonerSchool bot, you will still be able to set your flairs normally. If you no longer want to use the service, you can remove your summoners and disable the flairs for each subreddit.

This should never harm your ChampionMains experience. Any negative comments, such as derogatory remarks about a user’s rank or champion mastery, should be reported to the subreddit’s moderation team. Such comments will be removed, and appropriate action will be taken.

I like being able to show my rank, but I don’t want to show my mastery level… (or vice-versa)

On your profile under the ‘Subreddit Flair Settings’ you can set which icons are displayed on your flair. You can tick/untick the boxes to show/hide that icon and manage them for each Champion Main subreddits.

Note that subreddit moderators have the option to require both to be required if

Is it secure?

Yes. This site only stores your Reddit username, League of Legends rank and champion mastery info, and subreddit flair settings. Linkage to Reddit and Riot occur through official, secure, methods, which only reveal publicly available information.

The source is available at GitHub. If you find any issues or have a suggestion, submit it to the issues page. If you would like to contribute directly, fell free to send a pull request.

Help! I’ve lost my Reddit account and can’t re-verify my summoner, what do I do?

Message /u/LugnutsK with your summoner name and region.

GDPR Compliance

Privacy Policy

This site does not store any directly personally identifiable information. This site stores your Reddit username, LoL summoner info, champion mastery info, and configured flairs. This information may be shared with third parties including, but not limited to: subreddit admins and OriannaBot.

This site uses Google Analytics.

Right of Access

If you would like a copy of your data, message /u/LugnutsK stating so.

Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)

If you deleted a LoL summoner account under GDPR, the summoner data will be deleted from this site within 30 days. However, your account on this site and data from other summoners on your account will not be deleted.

If you would like your data on this site to be deleted, message /u/LugnutsK or create a github issue stating so. You data will be removed within 30 days.

Terms of Use

These terms of use (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of this website (“The Website”), effective 2022-02-24.

We may terminate your account with The Website for any reason without notice. We make no guarantees about the aviailability or uptime of The Website. Our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent allowed by law. We are not liable for damages arising from the use of The Wesbite or any related services.

These Terms are subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms, you can message /u/LugnutsK or create a github issue.

Usage Manual


Click the sign-in button on the index page to begin.

This is an official Reddit OAuth2 portal, and only gives this site publicly available information. Click allow.

You will now see your profile page. On the top half of the page is a list of linked summoners, which is currently empty. On the bottom half is a list of subreddits.

To the left of each subreddit name is a mini-form where you change your flair settings. The three check buttons correspond to rank, champion mastery level, and champion mastery prestige. Prestige shows people who have over 250,000 champion mastery points. The greyed-out check boxes have been disabled by subreddit moderators.

Because there aren’t any linked summoners, you will be unranked, and your champion mastery will show up as zero.

Adding Summoners

Click the “Add Summoner” button. This will bring up a dialog asking for your summoner’s basic information: name and region. Enter your information, then click “confirm”.

The site will then pick a random summoner icon to use to validate your summoner. You will need to go to your League of Legends client and change your summoner icon to this icon.

Go back to the website, and click the “confirm” button. If successful, you should now see your summoner in the list. The rank and mastery points should load in soon after. You can now change back your rune page name if you wish.

The summoner info will refresh nightly. If you wish to refresh it manually, you can click the button on the left with the refresh icon. If you want to remove the summoner, click the red “x” button.

You can add as many summoners as you like, and the site will automatically add up your champion mastery points. The rank shown will be the highest rank of all your summoners.

Setting your flairs

Go to the subreddit you want to set your flair for. Click the checkboxes on the left to set enable or disable different parts of the flair. Enter your flair text in the textbox to the right.

Click the checkmark button on the right to have the bot update your flair. The bot will preserve your existing flair image. In a few moments, the Reddit flair will be updated.

If you change your flair image or flair text, the bot will re-add the rank/mastery/prestige, but preserve the changes.